Doing Diet


Natural Sweeteners, Calcium, Vitamin C


A Drink Built For 

the Hard Worker

What you’re about to drink started because of my Dad. As a doctor, he was working all the time, and needed a drink to keep him pepped up all day. He was drinking more than a 12-pack of a nameless diet cola every day, and was constantly talking about quitting it. He knew it wasn’t good for him. So, I set out to make a drink that tasted better and was better for him. Now, that drink has turned into Vive, and he can't get enough of it.

Picture yourself in the middle of your workday. It’s the same old same old, you’re going through the motions, and then all the sudden, you get called back to the emergency room, or a pipe bursts after you’ve just finished the job, your boss shoves 20 extra pages of paperwork onto your desk, or your son decides to color the hallway walls while you’re doing laundry. Whatever your gig, you need a bit of enjoyment throughout of your tough day. We’ve taken it up as our job to bring you the best; Vive, your great flavor where great flavor is hard to come by. It is a drink you can have confidence in, so that you can focus on tackling that busy day of yours. So if you love cola, and need a better drink while you work your buns off, pop a tab and enjoy whatever your day holds!

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"The guy with the idea and the guy who the idea was for."

-Clayton, Founder (on left)​

Why This One is Better

Why don't we just drink water? That would be the best thing right!? Well, its boring, and we need some excitement! One of the biggest problems with any drink is the sweetener. Either you choose sugar to get the best sweetness, while consuming lots of calories, or you go diet. Then, with diet, you either have artificial and it tastes better, or you drink something with a natural sweetener and sacrifice on flavor. 

At Vive, we've spent 2 years perfecting our signature blend of natural sweeteners that tastes the most like sugar, but is still ZERO calories! On top of that, we added calcium (4% of your daily values) and Vitamin C (100%) to help you have a healthier habit! Those two aren't just 'cause we're trying to impress you. Actually, it has been shown that most of the people who drink soda don't drink enough milk to get their daily value of calcium. Now you can get it from your favorite drink!

Ohh, and one last thing. In the caffeinated version of Vive, we use caffeine extracted from coffee beans, and not the normal synthetic stuff!

What Our Customers Are Saying

This tastes like diet coke, except for lighter and doesn't feel like I'm drinking chemicals.

Everett ~ ManMade MFG